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Alpha Gamma Rho’s motto is “To Make Better Men”, and we take that charge very seriously, particularly in our academics.  As a university student, you’re at LSU to earn an education; as an AGR, you’ll find resources at your fingertips to help you succeed in your coursework.  Alpha Epsilon has forged ties with university faculty and staff, and the reception by these professors has been very warm on our behalf.  AGR students fill rosters on many colleges within the university, from engineering to agriculture, finance to renewable natural resources.  Our members have plans and dreams of being anything from accountants to veterinarians, and we bring this knowledge and experience together to help our brothers succeed in their academics.  In Alpha Gamma Rho, you will find a core of students dedicated to academic success, regardless of our career path.


As with most student organizations, academic success does not go without reward.  Scholarships are awarded to those who qualify.  Nationally, Alpha Gamma Rho offers many scholarships for those who excel academically and prove to be an outstanding brother.  The alumni at Alpha Epsilon have also funded three annual undergraduate scholarships of $500 a piece.  These are awarded at our Founder's Day Banquet every Spring to active members of Alpha Epsilon based on several criteria of which academics is a large portion.  We also award 2 $1000 scholarships to the most outstanding prospective new member of our chapter every Fall.  For more information on scholarships, please contact our VNR Recruitment, Dennis Carriere, at (985) 259-0414.

Every Fall Alpha Epsilon chapter of LSU offers two $1000 dollar scholarships to two outstanding freshman entering LSU.  There is a short application that anyone is able to apply and a short phone or in person interview that allows participation.  It is very easy and a great opportunity to earn some money and learn a little about our organization.

Here is a link to our short $1000 Freshman Scholarship application:

Freshmen scholarship
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